Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law is an important area of law that covers the protection of ideas, inventions, systems, and other creative forms. Intellectual property law can help individuals protect simple things like design logos and slogans, or much larger things like software systems and actual device inventions from being used by others without their consent. Whether you have a conceptual idea or an actual device prototype, it's always important to have an experienced intellectual property attorney working with you to ensure that your idea is protected so that you can foster a successful path forward that can allow you to develop your intellectual property.

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When it comes to intellectual property law, there are a few different areas that are important to be familiar with so you can understand how the laws apply to your specific situation. With that in mind, intellectual property is typically split into four major areas:

  • Patent Law - Patent law is used to protect inventors of new processes, machines, manufactured items, compositions of matter, or improvements to any of the aforementioned. Patent law will provide the owner of an issued patent with the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention that is claimed in the patent.
  • Copyright Law - Copyright law is designed to protect original works that have been created in a tangible format. This includes things like books, videos, audio recordings, software programs, and other physical works. Copyright law will provide the owner of the copyrighted work the exclusive right to copy, distribute, perform, and make derivative works.
  • Trademark Law - Trademark law is used to protect words, names, symbols, sounds, and other defining characteristics used for commercial purposes. Trademarks, like patents, are granted by the government and are covered by both federal and state law.

Trade Secret - A trade secret is essentially any concept that derives competitive economic value in the commercial marketplace where its very secrecy is exclusively maintained as confidential by the owner. Often times a trade secret can alternatively be protected by patent law, but since patents are eventually published, the concept could be made public through public domain. A simple example of a trade secret is the patented Coca-Cola formula.

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Ultimately, there can be a lot of legal complexities involved with intellectual property law. You can't afford to trust your unique idea or invention to just any attorney. You need someone who has an in-depth understanding of intellectual property law to help ensure that your idea or invention is protected from the point of concept to finished product. I studied intellectual property law in law school, and I've spent the last decade helping individuals in a variety of different business areas secure the rights to their intellectual property and protect the future of their ideas and inventions. If you're looking for an experienced property law attorney to make sure you're taken care of, call Mosaic Law, P.C. today to find out how we've helped countless others just like you.

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When it comes to intellectual property, you can’t be too careful in protecting what’s yours. You need to take every step possible toward ensuring that your idea is protected from being used by someone else. Maria Relos has over 10 years of experience working with clients across Silicon Valley to help protect their future. Call today to see how Maria can help you protect your intellectual property.